Teacher/Paraprofessional Job Fair

WBR Convention/Conference Center
2750 N. Westport
Port Allen, LA

Tuesday, March 28, 2023
2:30 – 5:30 p.m.

Teacher Job Fair

March 10, 2022

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Welcome to the West Baton Rouge Parish School System

Our Human Resources team would like to welcome you to the West Baton Rouge School District on behalf of all of the staff and the Superintendent of Schools, Wes Watts. We are excited that you have accepted our job offer, and we are here to ensure your successful onboarding into the district.

Step 8

Salary Placement

The Office of Human Resources reserves the right to place you on a salary schedule based on your level of education and experience verified by previous employers and/or contractual provisions, as stated in the approved WBR Salary Schedule.

Step 7

First Day at Work/School In-Service Days

Principals will recommend an estimated starting date, if you are hired after the first day of school. The HR staff will work closely with you and other departments to meet that expected date. HR reserves the right to determine your starting date depending on the completion of your paperwork; you will not be allowed to begin work without the completion of the I-9 Verification form in the Talent Ed System, verification of 3 forms of identification, completion of the personnel data form and a fingerprint clearance submitted to HR.

Step 6

New Employee Orientation

All new employees are required to attend one of the three, “New Employee Orientation” sessions offered in July.  Information regarding the date, time, location, pre-work and what to bring will be emailed to you after the hiring process has started.

Step 5

Preparing for the New Employee Orientation

We can’t wait to see you!

Please be sure you printed the Business/Payroll/Benefits documents from the HR page of our website- www.wbrschools.net.  Complete all forms in preparation for the new employee orientation.  Also- be sure you have reviewed the benefits and health insurance options at www.officeofgroupbenefits.org.  Any questions or concerns regarding benefits and/or insurances can be addressed during your visit with the Business Department at the New Employee Orientation.

Step 4

The HR Paperwork

We are almost there!

Once you log into your TalentEd Records account by following the directions in the email, please initiate the on-boarding process by completing all the required tasks and forms.  As you complete each task, it will disappear from the task list and be filed electronically. It is crucial that the hiring process is completed in a timely manner. The sooner these tasks are completed, the sooner we can provide pertinent information to the payroll department.

Step 3

Our First Contact

Once your Recommendation to Hire is approved, you will receive your official new hire email, a job description, and HR official hiring paperwork through the TalentEd system, our electronic onboarding and records system. In this email, you will be given instructions on how to login to TalentEd for the first time with your new user-name and password. We urge you to check your inbox and junk folder frequently until you receive the email from TalentEd.  This email contains all next steps for being officially hired.

Step 2

In the Meanwhile

You must be fingerprinted. Print out the Verification of Fingerprinting Process Forms(3 forms) located at www.wbrschools.net under the Human Resource Department’s page.  Complete and bring these 3 forms to the Louisiana State Police Headquarters located at 7919 Independence Blvd in Baton Rouge. Please have the first page(Form 14A), stamped by the LSP and returned to the WBR School Board Office within 3 days. LSP will keep the remaining 2 fingerprint forms.

Submitting l9 Documents

You must also bring 3 forms of identification to an HR staff member-(birth certificate, driver’s license, social security card and/or passport). We will make copies of these documents and return the originals to you.